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The Linde Group invests the time to learn about their clients' business needs and preferences. Syl Lincoln takes the extra step necessary in truly minimizing the amount of time it takes to find the right candidate. Because of our partnership with The Linde Group we are able to place quality individuals who quickly learn their new position and find job satisfaction with our company. A true win win partnership. 

Lisa P.
Office Manager

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with Clare Ernst during my search for employment. Although Clare was not responsible for placing me in my new position, she was an important catalyst in my search. Clare truly gave me the confidence and honesty that is needed when a person is recovering from being downsized. I have worked with a lot of recruiters and temp agencies over the last 15 plus years, primarily as an employer and I can honestly say that Clare is tops for me. The time she took to learn about my employment needs, job history, personality and work environment preferences told me that she truly has the best interest in both her candidates and employers.

I have already told my contacts in my new employer's HR department about Clare and The Linde Group, I hope they give her a call. 

Sheila H.
Administrative Assistant

Our company has worked with The Linde Group, in particular, directly with Judy Becker for a number of years. It's always a pleasure to work with Judy in filling our staffing needs. Judy is a true professional and above all friend. Judy knows the types of candidates we are searching for on various levels, i.e., experience, knowledge, automation capabilities, ethics. She refers candidates that match the required skills and also our agency culture. Judy makes several contacts after the hire to verify how the candidate is performing. Judy's objective is to satisfy the needs of both the candidate and the potential employer. 

Peggy K.
Commercial Lines Supervisor

Judy Becker is a true professional in her field of work. She is very thorough with matching qualified candidates with the right company. Judy was able to find my "dream job" within just a few days from applying with The Linde Group.

I have been with my employer now for over five years and am thrilled that she was able to find such a great position for me with a truly great company. I would highly recommend Judy and The Linde Group to anyone who is looking for another position or career change. 

Tammy W.
Executive Assistant

The Linde Group, and Clare Ernst especially, have been extremely helpful and efficient in helping our small company grow. Clare goes above and beyond the call of duty in handling our staffing needs. Her professional demeanor and cheerful "can-do" attitude makes working with her a pleasure. 

Wendy S.
Office Manager

I would like to say it was a pleasure working with Syl Lincoln and The Linde Group during my job search. With her help, this was the fastest I have ever changed jobs. I spoke with Syl on Monday, had two interviews on Wednesday, and received a job offer Thursday morning. I have worked with other agencies, and did not even receive one interview in several months with their help. I know the speed of this job placement is not usual, but Syl made the process of changing jobs very easy and pleasant. I have recommended her and The Linde Group to a number of my friends and associates. 

Ann D.
Field Engineering Assistant

We partnered with The Linde Group to fill critical executive and administrative support positions within our company. Clare Ernst immediately responded to our urgency to fill these positions. She evaluated our needs, developed a recruitment strategy and provided outstanding candidates for each of the positions. We are very satisfied with the services she provided and we will certainly partner with Clare again to assist with our future staffing challenges. 

Steve W.
Vice President of Human Resouces

The Linde Group, Inc. chooses not to disclose client information on these testimonials, but will be happy to provide reference information if you are interested in using our services.